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THC Free CBD Oil

Here at Health Synergy we like to accommodate all of our clients needs and we understand those individuals that want to incorporate CBD into their routine but do not want to worry about having any THC in their system. This is why we offer our Broad Spectrum THC Free CBD Oil.

Broad Spectrum CBD Vs. Full Spectrum CBD?

Broad Spectrum Products are almost the same as Full Spectrum Products without one component. THC. Our clients will still be receiving almost the same benefits of having a full spectrum product without having to worry about THC being in their system. 

How To Use THC Free CBD Oil

Fill 1/2 of dropper (1 serving size) and dispense under tongue, hold for 1 minute. Wait about 15 minutes to feel the effects before deciding to take more. Rinse mouth afterward if desired. Serving size 0.5 ml; 120 servings per bottle; amount per serving 8mg CBD.


Why Health Synergy CBD Oil?

  • Health Synergy is proud to have our CBD Oil made with high quality organic CBD Oil that is third-party lab tested to ensure that you receive the highest quality CBD. 

Is Our THC Free CBD Oil Full Spectrum?

  • No, Our THC Free CBD Oil is Broad Spectrum which means that they contain every compound found in the entire plant EXCEPT THC. We also Full Spectrum CBD Oil which means that they contain every compound found in the entire hemp plant rather than just CBD which is just a single component. 

What Can CBD Oil Be Used For?

  • CBD Oil is great for those who suffer with one to multiple different ailments from anxiety to chronic pain. Our CBD Oil is great for those who need an all day relief and if needed can very their dose based on how they are feeling that day. 

Does CBD Oil Get You High?

  • Our CBD Oil are Full Spectrum which means that yes there is THC in the product however, the amount of THC is 0.03 which is too low to get you high.

How To Order Our Products?

  • All of our products are listed on website all available for purchase. We ship nationwide.

Will Our Products Produce Any Side Effects?

  • No, there are no side effects from CBD. However, if you are taking blood thinners you may be subjected to inaccurate results in a blood test.