CBD Concentrates

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Need a strong versatile product that can treat extreme pain or discomfort? At Health Synergy we carry pure forms of CBD Isolate as well as Concentrated Full Spectrum CBD Oil both made with organic ingredients and third-party lab tested. 

What Makes A Concentrate Different From A CBD Oil?

With a concentrate you will be receiving a much higher dose than from a CBD Oil. For example, when you look at our tinctures of Full Spectrum CBD Oil the dose only consists of approximately 8mg as opposed to our concentrate which is 200mg per dose. 

How Do Concentrates Work?

Concentrates are very versatile, you can bake with it, vaporize it, even mix it with your favorite moisturizer and create your own topical treatment. 

Who Is The Perfect Candidate For Concentrated CBD Oil?

Here at Health Synergy we recommend Concentrated CBD Oil for those who are experiencing high amounts of pain or discomfort when traditional tinctures do not seem to be enough. CBD Concentrates tend to make the user drowsy so be sure to not operate heavy machinery while using this product. 


Why Health Synergy Concentrated CBD Oil?

  • Health Synergy is proud to have our CBD Oil made with high quality organic CBD Oil that is third-party lab tested to ensure that you receive the highest quality CBD. 

Is Our Concentrated CBD Oil Full Spectrum?

  • Yes, we offer Full Spectrum CBD Oil which means that they contain every compound found in the entire hemp plant rather than just CBD which is just a single component. 

What Can Concentrated CBD Oil Be Used For?

  • Our Concentrated CBD Oil is recommended to our clients that experience unbearable ailments that majorly affect their everyday life. Whether it be from severe back pain to cancer patients. Concentrated CBD Oil is great for providing a strong sense of relief. 

Does Concentrated CBD Oil Get You High?

  • Our CBD Oils are Full Spectrum which means that yes there is THC in the product however, the amount of THC is 0.03 which is too low to get you high.

How To Order Our Products?

  • All of our products are listed on website all available for purchase. We ship nationwide.

Will Our Products Produce Any Side Effects?

  • No, there are no side effects from CBD. However, if you are taking blood thinners you may be subjected to inaccurate results in a blood test.